July 11, 2011

Approved July 18, 2011


In attendance:  Russell Perry and Stefanie Johnstone.  Russell called the meeting to order at 7:36pm.   Kevin Rosencrantz joined at 7:51pm.


CITIZEN’S FORUM- Urgent matters only –   




Building Department- Bill Grant presented two building permits

·         Joan Webber; Shaw’s Hill for remodeling

·         Norman Giroux, 8 Weare Road for a new shed

Stefanie made a motion to accept the building permits as presented seconded by Russell Perry with both in favor. 


A complaint was received from a tenant regarding their landlord.   Bill explained their well needs to be covered; however the mold issue is between her and the landlord. 


Police Department-   Chief in conjunction with Norman Giroux reported an incident with the Fire Pond for Kensington Place.  A landscaper was caught taking water from the pond for their tanker truck.   They were hydroseeding a new home in Kensington Place. Norman explained the pond only fills from the rain.   An officer was sent to investigate.  Chief asked for permission to purchase no trespassing signs for the fire pond areas in town.  Chief will check with the officer to see if the water was released back into the pond.  Chief will also check with Town Counsel to see if there’s an RSA otherwise, we can create an ordinance. 


Chief advised of a recent offer made by CP Lumber of 3 acres of land for a town office building.  It has an existing well and they also provided the plot plan. 


Russell thanked Chief and the department for their help during Olde Home Days.


Fire Department-.   Charlie was not in attendance.


Road Manager-   Dave was not in attendance. 


Assessing- Kathleen presented the last four abatements from Avitar.  


v     Lillian Lockhart, 187 Amesbury Road- was originally recommended a $2500 value difference; however when the assessing company did another inspection, they determined the value difference to be only $1100.   Russell made a motion to accept as assessed the second time seconded by Kevin with all in favor.

v     Sharon Muller, 7 Whipple Way- abatement was denied due to fair and equitable assessment based on the ratio in town.  Sharon’s reason for the abatement was compared to the value of a neighbor whose home was recently sold.  The selectmen explained the ratio of market vs. assessed values.  Russell made a motion to accept Avitar’s recommendation, seconded by Kevin with all in favor.

v     Michael Losapio, 16 Wild Pasture- abatement was denied because of the pending BTLA hearing which is scheduled in October.  The selectmen are required to accept Avitar’s recommendation and the Losapio’s needed to submit an abatement to be eligible.  Russell made a motion to accept the recommendation, seconded by Kevin with all in favor.

v     Jerome Artigliere, 48 Stumpfield-abatement was denied due to equitable market value.   Russell made a motion to accept the recommendation, seconded by Kevin with all in favor.


Kathleen also presented an intent to cut for signature and approval for the write offs for Comstar.  She also explained to the selectmen the increase of 6.06% due to HB2 recently passing for NH retirement. 


Town Clerk- Jessica was not in attendance.


Rec Committee- No rec members were in attendance.




Harold Bragg- This is the third year of his contract with the Town for his landscaping services at the park.  He reported the communication has been much better than in the past.   He would like better communication if there are any complaints.  Kevin asked Lynne to contact him with any concerns and he will work with Harold to rectify.  Lynne also passed along a suggestion from Bruce Cilley to purchase a second dragger so each side of the park will have one.   A long discussion regarding the weeds along the fence ensued.  They are a costly nuisance because we cannot use non organic weed killer.    Harold suggested a physical barrier 6” outside the fence.  It would be a one time expense.  He explained that originally the fence was 1-2” above the ground and was easy to maintain, however it is currently in the ground due to natural conditions. 


Kevin asked him about the Playground woodchips.  They were replaced last year and within one week of play they were worn in.   In 10 years under the woodchips will turn into soil and weeds will start growing so it will need to be removed and replaced.  Harold believes it will be $1500 for parts and installation.


The selectmen discussed a warrant article for funds for the rec revolver to set aside for repairs for the future for the park. 


Larviciding-  Stefanie suggested getting a copy of the letter originally sent and we want to renotify all of the sites with a letter. 


Special Events Application-   Nicol August 12th  concert at the park to thank residents and police, etc. for their assistance  She wanted to look into fireworks too as well as alcohol, Russell made a motion to tentative accept the permit and waive rental fee if donation containers to benefit the park, seconded by Stefanie with all in favor.


Open air Assembly-  Rosencrantz annual party.    Russell made a motion to accept as presented, seconded by Stefanie with both in favor.


Town Hall Building-  Lynne will email copies of the Turner report to each volunteer.   The committee will be responsible for taking minutes.   If the consensus is the building is not worth remediating a second time, they can look into land deals. 


Non Public Session:  RSA 91A:3, II(a) – Personnel matter:  Russell Perry moved to go into non-public session at 9:08 pm, seconded by Stefanie with all in favor.  Several personnel matters were discussed.  Russell moved to end non-public session and returned to regular session at 10:02 pm, seconded by Kevin Rosencrantz with all voting in favor. 


Town Hall-

Town Park Issues-


RFAM Recycling- Hampton submitted a quote based on our tonnage of recycling for 2010.  The quote of $10,053 was for Kensington to bring recycling to Hampton and Hampton to bring it to the Concord Co-op.  We need to know what we’d be getting from Concord for our share of the ownership and the status of the construction.  We also need to know if Hampton will be fluctuating with the market.


Administrative Assistant-

·         Lynne confirmed that Russell has not heard back on the Organic Field Grant yet

·         Lynne presented the profit and loss breakdown by each rec. activity.

·         The Concession stand is scheduled for a state inspection next week.

·         Lynne received permission for the selectmen to post their picture on the website.



Approval of Minutes –Russell moved to approve the minutes from June 20, 2011, seconded by Stefanie Johnstone with all in favor.


Bills & Mail:  Bills were approved and signed.


Next Meeting Date:  July 18, 2011


Stefanie Johnstone moved to adjourn at 10:26pm, seconded by Kevin with all in favor.


Respectfully submitted,


Lynne Bonitatibus

Administrative Assistant