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  • How much do trash stickers cost?

Answer:  $2 each.  52 free stickers are provided to each homeowner's main residence per year. You can purchase at the library and any office of the town hall.  The free stickers are only available at the town hall.

  • Where is the police department located?

    Answer: The PD is located in the trailer across the street from the town hall.


  • I just refinanced my home and the appraisal is a lot less than my tax bill's assessment, why?

    Answer: Here is a helpful link which explains this issue.

    Assessment Vs. Market Value Newsletter

  • What is our equalization ratio for 2012?

Answer:   Kensington is 115.7%

  • What is our tax rate for 2012?

Answer:  $20.08 per thousand

  • Can I rent the pavilion at Sawyer Park?

Answer:  Yes, please visit our permits & forms section of this site for the application and information.





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