Electrical Permit Number: EL- _______________ Permit Fee: $_______________

Building Permit Number: BP- _______________ Date Paid: _____/_____/_____


Town of Kensington, New Hampshire

Application for Permit to Perform Electrical Work


The Electrical Permit Fee is in addition to the Building Permit Fee. If obtaining a Building Permit,

please include the Electrical Permit Fee with your payment, and return this application with the

Building Permit Application. The Electrical Permit is valid for one year from Date Paid, and no

refunds will be issued.


To the Electrical Inspector: The undersigned applies for a Permit to perform the electrical work

as described below.


Location (Street Address): ______________________________________________________________

Name of Owner or Tenant: ______________________________________________________________

Owner’s Address (if different):___________________________________________________________

Telephone Number & Email Address: _____________________________________________________


Is this Permit in conjunction with a Building Permit? _____Yes _____No


Service - New: ________Amps ________Volts

Service - Upgrade: from ________ to ________Amps

Description of Proposed Electrical Work:





Start Date of Work: _____/_____/_____

Licensee: ______________________________ Signature: _______________________________

License Number: ________________________

Telephone Number & Email Address: _____________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________


Note: It is the responsibility of all electricians to obtain the necessary permits from the Town

Office before any work is performed.  Electricians must hold a valid license from the State of New

Hampshire in order to obtain an Electrical Permit. Electricians must contact the Electrical

Inspector for inspections before covering or concealing any electrical wiring, and again when the

electrical work is complete. Inspections will be performed within 48 hours of request.

Application for Permit to Perform Electrical Work must be fully completed and returned to

the Town Office before contacting the Electrical Inspector.             

243 Amesbury Road Unit 6

                                                                                                            Kensington, NH 03833

Robert Fee Jr., Electrical Inspector                                                    603-772-5423x3

Mobile: 603-502-7282

Email: BobFeeJr@CelticElectricLLC.com


Rough Inspection: _____/_____/_____

Final Inspection: _____/_____/_____



Signature ________________________________

Robert Fee Jr., Electrical Inspector

Updated 11/2015