Dear Neighbor,


Spring sports are upon us and the official schedule will soon bring many of Kensington’s youth to the third full season at our landmark Sawyer Park. Along with organizing registration and teams, ordering equipment and recruiting coaches – the plan would not be complete without dusting off the counters at the park’s concession stand and availing all who come to the treats offered while watching our kids compete, or play at what has become a beautiful facility.


As one would expect, that beauty comes at a price – one that the organizers of the park unanimously agreed would never be at tax payer expense. That said, the average annual cost for upkeep to the park costs in the conservative area of $30,000. That amount does not take into account any emergency costs that may happen along the way – e.g. the $14,000 tree removal made necessary by the recent storms. Although the plan for covering these expenses comes from many different sources, one avenue is the concession stand being open during sporting events.


The concession stand will be open for the spring sports season on a regular basis from May 3rd until June 19th – give or take a few days. We will need a constant stream  of volunteers to make things run smoothly. To ensure this happens, KYAA, along with the Town  Board of Selectmen, Sawyer Park Trust and the Recreation Committee,  is soliciting the help of our Mom’s, Dad’s, brothers, sisters, grandparents, - anyone who is willing. The goal is the following:


-           To arrange for at least one volunteer in the concession stand during any event at the park fields (EJBL baseball; Softball; T-ball)



In an ideal situation, the easiest way to make this happen is to “pre-plan” the volunteer schedule and have things all laid out before hand. You can help with this by emailing the contact given below and offering up your time for the open date(s) of your choice. If a night is not filled, it will be necessary for the corresponding Kensington coach to solicit a volunteer from the crowd in order to begin the game. Planned correctly, this won’t be necessary but as I’ve seen so many times before – it doesn’t take long for a Kensington resident to rise to the challenge!!


In closing, I would like to add a few points for thought when considering how many events you’d offer to volunteer for:

-           It’s not required that you have a child playing the sport to help out

-           KYAA has never charged a field usage fee as part of its registration as many other towns do to cover expenses, and, in fact has made a concerted effort to always lower registration fees whenever possible to make activities as affordable to the youth of Kensington as possible. We only ask for your volunteer time!


If you’d like to arrange to volunteer in the concession stand between the dates of May 3rd and June 19th, please contact the following email address and see what dates would work for you.